Building An Art Community In Your Church is a four part course designed to help you develop a thriving ministry that engages artists and creatives.

Create new ministry opportunities for a creative and typically disengaged segment of the congregation and community by using existing space for a current and regularly updated gallery that works with the ministry in series.

Course Launches September 1, 2021

Grow A Creative Arts Community

This course is designed for Churches/ministries with 100+ members that have a permanent venue, who want to engage, employ and grow their creative arts community, but is available to anyone wanting to grow an Art Community in their church.

Maximize Potential

An active art community within the church can effectively share the gospel and grow itself.

Maximize involvement, potential, and venue by building a thriving art community within your church.

Create Opportunity

Many artists/creatives have never seen an opportunity to use their talents to actively participate in the church environment, so they have kept their efforts at home or joined arts societies available in the community.

It would never occur to most artists that they could use their gifting to serve within the church.

New Possibilities

Incorporating the Arts into the function and rhythm of the church through your current preaching series will develop long-term ministry relationships with artists and creatives.

This will create new possibilities for growth within the congregation and influence within the greater community

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Communicate an opportunity for an artist's talent, time and influence to have a real impact.

How often do we have folks say, "Hey. I heard about what you are planning to do, can you give me more information so I can use my time, talent and influence to be a part of it?"