Value is connecting with people at their heart and creating

an opportunity for them to invite us to speak into it, to give them a message, title, Scripture, and intent, and allow them to grapple with it to the point of fruition.

-Module 4: Structure

What if?

What if the best way an artist can express the message of the gospel is a painting or sculpture? What if the message needs to be celebrated in stanzas by a symphony? What if art wasn't a way to help convey the message, but was the message?

Tapestry is the church, in the fact that we exist to be a place where people can come together to teach and learn about the character of Jesus Christ through study and preaching; to pray, worship and break bread in the spiritual and physical sense. 

Tapestry is the arts, in the fact that we exist to express our faith through the creative expression that is not a means to an end. The art is the ministry.